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It's hard to believe, but 2016 is passing fast, and we're booking dates for fall and winter '17. My newest book SWITCHED ON is on sale now.  Meanwhile, I'm busy with my car business, teaching, speaking, and advocacy work as well.  There's a lot going on!
Would you like to bring me to your college or conference? If so, contact Tom Gagnon or Sally Itterly, my speaking representatives at The Lavin Agency. Do you want to set up a program in your elementary, middle, or high school? I handle those directly; write me at

Discovery Science Channel
Last year I was profiled in an episode of INGENIOUS MINDS on Discovery Science. The show is rerun with some frequency; check the Discovery Science Channel website for details.  Meanwhile, you can watch it here on YouTube

Want to hear me talk about my new book, SWITCHED ON?
Check out this interview on NPR Here and Now

Read about SWITCHED ON in this NY Times review

Listen to Terry Gross, Alvaro Pascual Leone and me talk about TMS and Switched On, on Fresh Air

July 19, Washington, DC
Meeting of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee

July 29 - Aug 4, Asheville NC
RROC National Meet

Sat, Sept 3, Sydney, Australia
Pre-recorded in studio interview with ABC Radio National All In The Mind presenter Lynne Malcolm

Sun, Sept 4, Sydney, Australia
Festival of Dangerous Ideas session 12:30 – 1:30pm

Mon, Sept 5, Adelaide, Australia
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Adelaide Writers Week in-conversation with Roy Eccleston
Location: Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Tues, Sept 6, Melbourne, Australia
2.20pm - The Daily Edition LIVE television interview

5.00 – 7:30pm - Melbourne - Autism Awareness seminar
Location: Arena (look for NAB signage) Academy at Docklands, 700 Bourke Street, Docklands Melbourne (opposite Etihad Stadium)

Wed, Sept 7, Melbourne, Australia
8:10AM - ABC News Breakfast Interview with Virginia and Michael
On-air at 8.10am

Thu, Sept 8, Melbourne, Australia
8.45am  - Triple R Breakfasters Live in-studio radio interview

Fri, Sept 9, Brisbane, Australia
5.15pm - ABC TV The Drum television interview with host Julia Baird

Sat, Sept 10, Brisbane, Australia
11:30am – 12:30pm Brisbane Writers Festival               
In conversation: Switched On
John Elder Robison
Location: Auditorium 1, SLQ

Sun, Sept 11, Brisbane, Australia
1:00pm – 2:00pm                
PANEL: Build a Better Brain
Nicola Gates, John Elder Robison, Dr Nancy Pachana, David Astle

Location: The Edge, SLQ

Sept 16-19, Stowe. VT
Join us at the British Invasion - the largest British cars show and lifestyle event in the USA

Sept 17, Burlington, VT
I'll be appearing at the Burlington Book Festival. I am scheduled to appear from 12:30-1:10 in the Livak Ballroom of the UVM Davis Center.

Sept 16-Oct 2, West Springfield, MA
Join me in West Springfield, MA for the 100th anniversary of The Big E - New England's Carnival

Oct 7, Columbia, SC
I will be speaking about neurodiversity and employment at the Autism Society South Carolina Conference  Register here

Oct 22, Chicago, IL
National Pediatric Developmental Differences Forum (registration required) (link to come)

Jan 8, Riverside, CA
I'll be holding a public forum at the University of California Riverside Campus

Jan 10, Kern County, CA
Workshop with the Kern Autism Society

Jan 11, Davis, CA
I'll be speaking at the MIND Institute at UC Davis. More info here

Feb 10, Savannah, GA
Autism Conference - details to come

March 11-12, Tucson, AZ
Join me and 125,000 festival goers on the second weekend in March for the Tucson Book Festival

{Jack Robison aka Cubby}

Jack Robison giving a talk at St. Joes, march 2011.Today, scientists believe autism is the result of genetic predisposition, and environmental influences. That’s certainly how it looks to me, too. My dad had many Aspergian traits, though no one recognized them during his lifetime. I’m sure countless people grew up with undiagnosed Asperger’s in the 1930s and '40s.

My own son was always "different," too. At first, we thought he might have ADHD. Now, we know different. He has Asperger’s too. And so does his mom.

When I was growing up, my greatest special interests were electronics and machines. My son’s interest is chemistry. Like many young people who explore organic chemistry, my son was fascinated by "energetic reactions," or explosives.

A less inquisitive kid might have contented himself with reading chemistry text books. A less brilliant kid might not have figured out how to make state-of-the-art compounds that were not even classified by the ATF or FBI. A less Aspergian kid might have realized that investigators who looked at his "instructional" Youtube videos might have seen something more than was really there.

When they finally came calling, in the winter of 2008, the ATF agent in charge of the scene turned to me and said, “Mister Robison, I can see that your son is not a criminal. Somewhere in the US, every year, the ATF finds a Boy Scout genius with a chemistry set. This is your year.”

You can read the story of that encounter in my newest memoir, Raising Cubby, in stores January 2013.

My son, his girlfriend, and Wrong Planet founder Alex Plank have started a series, Autism Talk TV, where they talk about autism issues.

All of them are available to speak at schools and events. Contact us if you’d like to discuss a booking.

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